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Productive Windows for Developers

Windows 7

translate to: This article will describe how to change Windows into a productive environment to software developers. The changes here described are not for everyone but primarily for software developers. As a software developer I have special needs to make me as productive as possible and on a GNU/Linux System those changes are already available…

Start New X Session Under GNU/Linux


The X server under GNU/Linux is responsible for displaying the graphical user interface and the desktop environment. The X server is a separate client application that is not inside the kernel, which is different from the model of Microsoft Windows. Multiple X sessions can be started under GNU/Linux under which different desktop environment can be…

Add Locale for Ubuntu Server


This is a short How-to how to add additional locales to your Ubuntu server. On a fresh installation of a Ubuntu server a default locale is installed, normally English, but if you have web services that presents the web site to the user in a different language, additional locales must be installed. The Ubuntu server…

Install Redmine on Nginx/Thin Guide


Introduction We will install Redmine project management web application that is proxied by the Nginx web server and is run with the Thin Ruby web server. As the Linux server I used Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Redmine will be served on the domain protected by TLS/SSL. Redmine will be installed under the /var/www directory, under the…

Gitit Installation

logo of Gitit wiki

Gitit Installation Gitit ist eine Wiki-Software in dem Stil von Mediawiki die z.B. von Wikipedia benutzt wird. Das besondere an Gitit ist dass es viele verschiedene Formatte für das erstellen der Artikel und viele Exportformate unterstützt. Ebenso besonders ist es, dass Gitit keine Datenbank benutzt, sondern die Artikel im Dateisystem ablegt und die Git Versionsverwaltung…